Episode 5: Lady Windermere’s Fan

Our first play this week and it’s a famous one – join Fred and Dave as they try to be witty about one of the world’s wittiest playwrights, Oscar Wilde. 

Also featuring our first piece of listener mail! Don’t forget to contact us with your thoughts, either through comments below, podcast@shelfboundpod.com or the various social media platforms linked to above…

Read the play at https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/790


Further links

Not a lot this week as I’m full of cold while uploading this. But a good place to start is the excellent WildeTimes.net 

A pretty exhaustive list of Wildean quips

Want to know more about the trial(s) of Oscar Wilde? A very detailed resource here

As referenced in the episode, some modern ‘culture’ in the style of Wilde



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