Episode 22 – Barry Lyndon

…”the tall dark man at Spa with the cast in his eye, who used to make my governor tipsy and sent me the sword: his name is Mr. Barry.”

Out of the mouth of babes did come this frank and honest description of our… Hero?

This episode, find out all about Barry Lyndon, née Redmond Barry in his own words with a few choice inclusions from others to temper the image. How well does his life stack up when all is said and done? Will it be the stuff of legends, nightmares, fantasies, or a pinch of each?

This week Fred and Dave were unable to find a meeting point in either time or space, so prepare yourself for opinion monologuing of the finest quality we could muster as we each have a go separately and make our independent assessments. In case you missed the book the first time, find it here:


Further Reading

A broad range of elements have come into this novel by William Thackeray and as such there is a lot to point out to you. Find out who Barry Lyndon was modeled on and a little bit about the joy of play as he might have endured it in reality. Best to remember it’s not all fun and games for Barry Lyndon however and i’m sure he could have used some proper guidance regarding more of his excessive and brutal behaviour.

Mr Thackeray certainly had his own excessive habits as well!

Next Time

Come with as we look to the theatre for a change in our next read, Quality Street by J M Barrie. Find out just what it is that goes into that particularly learned art, ‘Urban Planning’, to make it quality… Maybe. Magic moments are bound to ensue, along with more, and worse, puns!

Read it here:


Until next time, Good evening.




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