Episode 21 – The Path to Rome


“The next morning – Heaven preserve the world from evil! – it was still raining.

LECTOR. It does not seem to me that this part of your book is very entertaining.”

Next in our intermittent sub-series, ‘Of books what are set in France’, we trudge along the road with Hilaire Belloc and make out way to Rome. No stone is left un-turned or without description in this sojourn across Western Europe.

How far will you go with our author as he meets a cavalcade of interesting characters and spreads their stories amongst his own ruminations? Was the trip a success and ultimately, will it prove to have been worthy of the prized final destination that all books so desperately strive towards; our bookshelf?

If you haven’t already, have a read of it at the link below and see whether you agree with our summations:



Further Reading

For our inquisitive readers and listeners I direct you to an interesting biography that is able to expound on Belloc’s life and works more than our limited summary has scope for. We also include a look into the forum that Belloc might still recognise, were he to revisit his alma mater, though much everything else has changed since his time there. Also worth a read is this look at Belloc from the opposition bench, where sits H G Wells.

And lastly, don’t forget that should you want to take after Hilaire and H G in having a shouty or structured rant over a trivial matter, prudence suggests you let your words do the talking and not your lack of fashion sense…


Next Time

Next week we venture where neither of us have gone before, into the world of ‘Barry Lyndon’ by William Thackeray.  Other than knowing it is also a film of some description, we really are coming at this one blind. Read it here and join us in finding out what it’s all about:



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