Episode 20: Eeldrop and Appleplex


“The suburban evening was grey and yellow on Sunday”


This week on ‘Cryptic Opening Quotes’ we present, what sounds like, ‘A Bumbler’s Guide to Apocalypse in Suburbia’…

Whether we understood it properly, read too much into it, or generally deemed this episode’s novel of being worthy of a place on your own capacious bookshelf, are possibly questions we will address. What we can answer is whether T S Eliot will get his only short story onto our infinitely roomy and infinitely imaginary bookshelf.

Further Reading

T S Eliot was a man who one the Nobel Prize for Literature and was generally more famous more for his poetry and Non-fiction than his fiction, but as he has no fewer than 36 different people who want to talk about his work (less the crazies, presumably) on the ultimate source, I‘m fairly happy to leave the discussion to them. Nethertheless, we sought interesting angles for this most famous of authors and managed to find the only non-fiction he wrote. In case you haven’t got to it yet, here it is:


Also, because whimsy and the internet breed cats, here are whimsy and cats from T S Eliot, from the ever-productive internet.

Next Time

Come read and find out what awaits us on ‘The Path to Rome’ by Hilaire Belloc, found at the address below. Will the author make it, will it be worthwhile or will our decision to shelve it or not be an ironic statement on their literary skills? Perhaps all three will be answered, read it at the link below and then join us in two weeks to find out whether we thought so too:



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