Episode 19: Autobiography of a Thief

“Some men acquire wisdom at twenty-one, others at thirty-five, and some never.”

Fred and Dave are back in the mean streets of 19th Century New York once more, but this is no Horatio Alger fairy-tale. Join Jimmy “the Kid” Caulfield as we hear about his adventures in crime, and in prison, in the ‘Autobiography of a Thief’.

Really worth reading the book this week folks, so head on over to Project Gutenberg now!

Further Reading

Find out more about the “author”, although in reality editor, here at the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Earth. His wife was pretty interesting too. Unfortunately there is, perhaps unsurprisingly, not a lot on professional criminal Jimmy, but this account of his possible protege George Appo is worth a look. And on prisons, the Howard League is a good cause worth supporting.

Next time

It’s our twentieth episode, so David’s picked something famous right? Well… no, it’s poet T.S Eliot’s only piece of published fiction, the bizarrely-named Eeldrop and Appleplex.

Check it out at:


See you then…



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