Episode 18: Mr Turtle’s Flying Adventure

The title says it all this week as we ask Kipling’s exotic animals and A A Milne’s honey-grabber to move over for our review of Albert Bigelow Paine’s anthropomorphic trailblazer.

From the Hollow Tree in the Big Deep Woods we judge this selection of short stories to see whether they can earn a place in the ‘written for children’ section of our bookshelf.

If you’ve not read them yet, the link to find them is just below:




For our adventurous readers we have some juicy links for you. This one will tell you a bit about the Author and treat you to some cover art to boot, whereas these enterprising nostalgians (sp?) have their own ideas concerning Paine’s universe. And for afters, here’s some contemporary opinion of the author’s other famous works.

We’ve had our say on this menagerie of concepts, but if you had any views about it you wish to share, send them over to us by e-mail, Twitter or on Facebook by following any of the links at the top of the page.


Echoing Alger, we go back to New York and the hustling game, but the view is from the other end of the looking glass in Hutchins Hapgood’s ‘The Autobiography of a Thief”. Find out what happens when you aren’t put on the straight and narrow by a kindly old gentleman and then join us in two weeks time to hear whether it was good enough for the shelf!

You’ll find it here:


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