Episode 17: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

“I’d pretty much pissed away most of my Whuffie… until I’d expended all the respect anyone had ever afforded me”


You might assume that that is a quote from our new read, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, but it’s actually from a clickbait article styled ‘These celebrities were made immortal! What they look like after a year will amaze you…”

In all seriousness, this weeks book does sit somewhere on the clickbait spectrum; the portion that entices you with the words, FREE DOWNLOAD. To that effect it is a real success, as here we are telling you about it and only a few hours of our free time to write in our outgoings column… but was it time well spent?

We’ll tell you that and more in this week’s episode, but if you haven’t already, read the book and make your own mind up:



Further reading

As usual we have some interesting tidbits for you all to peruse at your leisure, sometimes they are even related to the author or the novel – though we can’t guarantee either…

You can read about the authors work with the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Or perhaps you’d prefer to find out how to recognise becoming, like Mr Doctorov, a Disneyphile?

Whatever your opinions on the book, I think we can all agree that the ad-hocs mentioned in the novel should really be incorporating (flash-baking) the real spirit of Disney glamour into their exhibits…

If you have thoughts that you want to share with us, or opinions you think we should consider airing on your behalf, you can feel free to e-mail us at podcast@shelfboundpod.com or comment on our Facebook or Twitter accounts.



From undying adults struggling within a child’s world of Magic and Fairytale, we dive into some fantastic tales for children – or, equally, for adults of whimsy, like us. Put on your reading wellies and splash into a puddle of childish joy in Mr Turtle’s Flying adventure, by Albert Bigelow Paine, which you can find here:


We look forward to seeing you tin two weeks time,


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