Episode 14: Ragged Dick


Careful phrasing required in this romp around New York with the rough-sleeping, but honorably intentioned adolescent, Richard Hunter.

You can read the book here and find out what we mean:



Further reading


As usual we have a feast of extras designed to steal your hard earned work-breaks, including this one, which like a swindle Dick has pointed out to you, will pull you in so that you only realise it was a con when you’re halfway home and your wallet’s gone from your pocket.

Should you want to find a bit more about the author look here, or you can read about how Alger was, after all, writing a fantasy.  We recommend, however, that you put your time into a savings account and use it to read this good old-fashioned parody of the Alger Myth.

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We journey with a whaler and the literary styling of Herman Melville, but don’t be fooled, it’s to the Islands of the South Pacific and modern French Polynesia we abound in ‘Typee: A Romance of the South Seas’.

Obtain the book here:


Then read it if you can or just listen to us after we’ve read it to get the scoop.

Until then, enjoy!

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