Episode 12: The Dunwich Horror

“You’ll never know what the world has escaped.”

Words to live by as Fred and Dave again discuss a piece from the open bookshelf of liberally licensed literature.

You can read the book here:



Further reading


Plenty to get your teeth into with Lovecraft and people seem to have run with the idea as the popular author has sprouted fans all over the place. A few of them will be found at his birthplace this summer.

He also inspired a wealth of reflective journalism, lists and other articles, so get stuck in and then feel free to tell us what you think. Oh and don’t forget the gaming classics!

Make your impassioned defenses or vitriolic harangues out to podcast@shelfboundpod.com or comment on our Facebook or Twitter pages.



As the coming episode is our 13th Episode we put it to our listeners to tell us what they wanted us to read. And we have listened.

Next up is ‘Jenny Pox’ by J L Bryan, a book currently available for free on Amazon Kindle here:

If you do not own a kindle then simply search ‘Kindle app’ in your Apple store or Google Play store and search for the title through the free app.Enjoy!

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